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Survey Builder

  • It takes a team of experts up to 3 months to set up the survey program

  • All modifications to a survey have to be done by Medallia

  • 56 screens to set up a survey

  • System is extremely flexible and customizable

Identify Comon use cases
  • Manage surveys

  • Create a new survey

  • Add and remove questions

  • Support all question types supported on the existing application

  • Condition questions and pages​

  • Brand survey 

  • Publish  survey

Out of scope

  • Survey invitations

We look at applications that our users use to do similar tasks. We also look at other survey building applications in the market. For surveys we look at Google Surveys, Qualtrics, Survey Monkey, WebEx, Typeform, For invitations we look at Survey Monkey, Evite, Mail Chimp

My Role

I was the lead designer on the Survey Builder project within the Admin Suite team. The entire Admin Suite design team collaborated together, attended all design review, gave each other constant feedback,  and many times we designed in pairs. 

Research What Others are Doing
Design the layout

Edit in place

  • Tree structure

  • Entire survey, all pages and questions on a tree

  • Add and Edit pages and edited questions in place.



  • Worked very well for smaller surveys

  • Didn't scale

  • Large surveys cause lomg loading times and poor user experice.

Hybrid mode​

  • Left Panel used to add questions

  • Right panel with survey structure

  • Modal to edit questions


  • Easy way to add questions

  • Survey Sturcture use space eficiently 

  • Edit questions took the user out of context

  • Not suitable for other applications of admin suite

Survey Outline /Configuration panel / Canvas​

  • Left panel with survey sturcture

  • Right panel with survey representation

  • Sliding configuration panel

  • Left and right panel interact with each other


  • Users found it intutive

  • Drag and drop between panels very useful for large surveys

  • Versitile layout suitable for other Admin Suite applications

  • We tried page icons with some information about each page, this didn't work because pages used to much vertical space and did not provide enough information

  • Sections with detail information about the questions on each page. This worked great but it also used too much space

  • We opted for having page sections that could expand and collapse. This provided enough space when the user was just managing pages, but it also allow the user to deep dive to see what content was on each page.

Configuring Survey

To configure questions and a survey we tried different approaches:

  • A Section approach, where we presented the user with different sections as a tree

  • An accordion approach, but these two approaches seemt to slow down our users

  • We opted for a single configuration panel with all settings exposed with sections but all exposed at once

Same layout in Survey Builder, Report Builder and Power Zone

Final Product
Admin Suite: A Cohesive Experience
Medallia Admin Suite

Provide self service capabilities for the Medallia application

The goals were simple

  • Reach mid size to smaller companies

  • Lower implementation times by Medallias managed services

  • Partner with other companies to implement and mantain our product

  • Allow our clients to do some of the simpler service requests

  • The design team main goal was to was to have a unified experience throughout Admin Suite

The Admin Suite self service project consisted of three key elements​

Create Design Principles

I colaborated with the Admin Suite design team to produce our design principles

Evaluate Current Situation
Design the Outline Panel
Stats with our old application
Stats with Sruvey Builder

Existing Flow

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