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Medallia's goal is to create a world in which companies are loved by their customers and employees. We do so by connecting any type of feedback from our client's customers to the relevant person that can take action to make the customer's experience better.

Medallia's clients cover many spaces, hospitality, retail, comunications, fashon, finances, etc. To make customer feedback engaging throuout the organization is not an easy task. Configuring something that is tailored for all these different roles is difficult, our application has to be flexible and customizable in order to adapt to all our different cliets needs.

That's why it takes a team of in-house experts between 3-9 months to do an implementation, from these 3-9 months, 50% of the time is spent in configuring surveys and reports.

This worked great for fortune 500 companies where managed services took care of everything. However,  we wanted to scale and  reach smaller companies, and our current situation didn't  scale.

Medallia Admin Suite

So we start one of the largest projects of Medallia, the self service initiative which we called Admin Suite.

The goals were simple

  • Reach mid size to smaller companies

  • Lower implementation times by Medallias managed services

  • Partner with other companies to implement and mantain our product

  • Allow our clients to do some of the simpler service requests

Admin suite consist of four key elements

  • Survey Builder
    Where the user can create and manage surveys

  • Report Builder
    Users can create and manage reports

  • Power Zone
    A place where experiences users can configure and administrate users, roles, data management, and all the features that have keept Medallia as the leader in the space

  • Packages
    Sets of pre-configured, bet practice oriented solutions designed to reach the smalest client. 

Each of these pillars is it's own team, fully stocked with product managers, front and back end developers, engineering managers, and designers.

Our goal was for our users to have a unified experience throughout Admin Suite.  We knew that having different teams working on different parts of one larger product was challenging so we got together and created a series of principles that were applied thorugh out Admin Suite. These principles are:


We visited customers, partners, and interviewed several program managers at Medallia. There are several personas that use our reporting application, but Admin suite there is only one. This person makes sure Medallia system is running, colaborates with other teams to get data pulled from databases, manages access to infomration. This persona we call him the Tech Admin

For whom are we desining?
The Admin Suite Persona
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